Wesley Enterprise Centre

Based in the heart of Hulme, Manchester, the Ex-Cell Programme provides access to accomodation and employment for homeless ex prisoners together with the long term support to make both accomodation and employment fully sustainable.





Dave Nicholson Ex-Cell Co-ordinator

“ The Probation Service originated in the early years of the last century in the work of faith communities in advising, assisting and befriending ex-prisoners. Central to this was enabling them to gain access to sustainable employment and sustainable accommodation.The Ex-Cell Programme aspires to reinterpret those values in the context of the early 21st century.”




Barry Anderson

“I know from my own experience that trying to get a job after you’ve left prison is the hardest thing there is. No one’s interested in you if you’ve got any sort of criminal record.But Ex-Cell gave me a chance and now I’m helping them to help other ex-prisoners get into work.”



In August 2006 Manchester Aspire Ltd partners Computer Aid International to supply refurbished computers to developing countries. In the UK over 70,000 PCs have been donated to Computer Aid International in just 6 years, enabling over 5,000 organisations in the developing world to benifit.



Manchester Apire Ltd loading container to Swaziland for Computer Aid International in November 2006.